Breaking Legs
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Breaking Legs

It is ‘Footloose’ satisfies ‘Imply Women’ as senior highschool more energizing Flower transfers to a group the place there isn’t any space to bop – apart from the establishment dancing group! Nonetheless when the associate of the group’s lead woman succumbs to her, she’ll have to take care of to win her space amongst these toxic girls. Damaging Legs makes positive one to kick your boots off and in addition deliver up your heels, as these youngsters dance the realm away to contend for the homecoming crown at R. Murray Senior Excessive Faculty. Will it’s beginner Flower, or her arc bane and in addition Dancing Group chief, Consistency? View as each contest on this satisfying but unusual go well with to the floor. An individual is destined ‘Injury a Leg’ on the dancing flooring, or as an alternative, the soccer space!

Duration: 98 min


IMDb: 4.1